Photography and Filming

Due to the fact Danylo Halytskyi International Airport "Lviv" is subject to increased security control and its main task is to provide safe and high quality services to passengers, any commercial or non-commercial filming (photo and video shooting) at the airport should be previously agreed.

Request submission procedure for photography and filming at Danylo Halytskyi International Airport "Lviv" 

  1. Request is submitted on a letter headed paper of the legal entity (editorial office, television company) with a stamp and a signature of the company director and addressed to the General Director of the Airport – Romanovska T.V.
  2. In the request should be mentioned the aim of shooting, time, duration, venue of shooting, shooting team members with the obligatory indication of their passport data, and contact information of a person in charge.    
  3. Request for organization of photo or video shooting should be sent by fax, e-mail or a letter.

Non-сommercial shooting (for news) at the airport is free and needs prior approval.

Commercial shooting (with commercial aim) including documentaries and feature films, TV-shows and series, entertainment programs, music videos, commercials photography for print media entertainment etc.

Fees for commercial photography and filming at Danylo Halytskyi International Airport "Lviv":

- Video or photography in the non-public area – 2500 UAH/ hour without VAT;
- Video or photography in the public area  1500 UAH/ hour without VAT.

If the photo-, video shooting takes place at the Airport without prior approval, Aviation Security Control has a right to prohibit these uncoordinational action.

Please note that request should be submitted no later than three days before the date you wish to have photo and video shooting.

Information about decision made upon the request may be received by telephone +38 (032) 229 82 37.

Please note that the Airport has a right to reject photo and video shooting without mentioning the reason.