Parking area

At the Terminal “A” of Danylo Halytskyi International Airport “Lviv” you may leave your car at well-equipped parking area for 238 parking spaces.

Parking charges (UAH, VAT is included):

  • Car parking (0-15 min) - free.
  • Car parking (1 hour) - 20 UAH.
  • Tour transport (bus) parking (1 hour) - 50 UAH.
  • Car parking (24H) - 120 UAH.
  • Tour transport (bus) parking (24H) - 300 UAH.
  • Car parking for persons with disabilities (24 parking spaces) No time limits - free
  • The fine for loss or damage of parking ticket - 40 UAH.
  • The fine for loss or damage of parking card- 200 UAH.

24H car parking is applied to car parking after the second 24H-period of car staying at the parking area.

Parking Services Regulations

For entering the parking area approach the entry stand and press the bottom to get the ticket.

Use Automatic Pay Station at the Terminal “A” or pay the service in the parking attendant’s cabin located in landside area.

Exiting landside area, please return ticket to the exit stand for automated checkup of paid parking service. If the service is fully paid the barrier will be lifted for the car to leave the parking area.

You can also leave your car at the well-equipped daily car park, offering 385 parking spaces, at the Terminal “A” of Danylo Halytskyi International Airport “Lviv”.

Car park charges

  • 100 UAH per 24H. 
  • 200 UAH - the fine for the loss, damage or passing someone the parking card.

Operating hours

24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Car park services regulations

  • In order to enter the car park approach the entry barrier, get the card from a person on duty and touch the card to the reader.
  • In order to exit the car park drive to the post, provide a person on duty with the card and conduct the payment for car park services.

Parking scheme