Passport control

Documents required for crossing the state border of Ukraine by Ukrainian citizens

      • Foreign passport
      • diplomatic passport;
      • service passport;
      • travel document of a child;
      • Seaman’s book
      • Crew list certificate

In case of loss of the documents mentioned above by a resident of Ukraine being abroad, return certificate is the document permitting to enter Ukraine. The return certificate is issued by diplomatic or consulate establishments abroad.

In the cases stipulated in Ukrainian international treaties, another travel documents may also be legitimate for border crossing.

Documents required for crossing the state border of Ukraine by foreigners and stateless persons

Foreigners and stateless persons enter Ukraine only when they have a passport and a certain type of visa, which is required by a current legislation or an international agreement, if there are no other requirements. Copies of passports, visas and other documents confirmed by a notary give no right to cross the state border.

Documents required for crossing the state border of Ukraine:

  • Foreign passport;
  • Document allowing return to the country of citizenship or permanent residence (in case of the passport  loss on the territory of Ukraine);
  • domestic passport (only for citizens of Russian Federation);
  • Ukrainian visa (for citizens of the countries which have visa regime)

Attention! Identity card (ID-card), which identifies the personality, gives no right  to cross the State Border of Ukraine

The list of countries, citizens of which enter Ukraine without a visa

      • EU countries
      • San Marino
      • CIS countries(with the exception of Turkmenistan)
      • Vatican
      • Switzerland
      • The USA
      • Liechtenstein
      • Canada
      • Andorra
      • Israel
      • Monaco
      • Japan
      • Norway
      • Hong Kong
      • Iceland
      • Mongolia
      • Montenegro
      • South Korea
      • Bosnia and Herzegovina
      • Paraguay
      • Serbia
      • Argentina
      • Brazil

 Confirmation of financial provision availability                            

Entry, staying and transit of foreigners via territory of Ukraine can be conducted only under the condition of available financial means or an opportunity to get such means in a legal way on the territory of Ukraine.

Checking of such financial proof is conducted by a plenipotentiary inspectors of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine by choice in the case of performing the second line check.

 What to do when you have lost the document for crossing the border  

In the case of the passport loss foreigners and stateless persons must immediately inform the representatives of the country they enter and police for providing a special reference (certificate) confirming this fact. In this case the entry to Ukraine can be done with the document allowing returning to their own country which was issued in the Consular establishment of their own country


Detailed information on passport control you can find on the official website of State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

Telephone number of State Border Guard Service of Ukraine at Danylo Halytskyi "Lviv" International Airport: (+38) 032 229-83-74

All complaints and suggestions about the passport control procedure and work of Border Guard Service of Ukraine at Danylo Halytskyi "Lviv" International Airport please address directly to The Border Guard Service of Ukraine.