Food Court

At the Terminal "A" of Danylo Halytskyi International Airport "Lviv" there are diverse dining facilities with wide variety of meals catering to every taste – starting from hot meals, salads or sushi - finishing with coffee and delicious hand-made sweets. Visit one of the cafés at the Airport and enjoy time while waiting for the flight!

Danylo Halytskyi International Airport "Lviv" Café

We invite visitors to our café located on the ground floor of Terminal "A".

Passengers and guests are welcomed to enjoy fragrant coffee, delicious desserts, cakes and tasty sandwiches. The dishes we offer are prepared by the airport's catering team and meet all quality requirements. You will be pleasantly surprised by the quality and the prices.

Be a guest at the our Café! We look forward to welcoming you.

Come in today!

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Café "Chao" (ground floor, Landside/3rd floor, Domestic Departure Lounge)


Two cafés «Chao» (ground floor - Landside; 2nd floor – International Departure Lounge) have a common concept: to provide the highest quality, delicious diverse cuisine and the quickest service (for convenience the waiting time is specified in the menu). The time for preparing meals is reduced to minimum and the meals are cooked right in front of clients. The café staff is fluent in the English, Russian and Ukrainian languages.

Chao_MenuThe menu suggests authentic Galician baking: cakes, charlotte, strudels with various sweet and savory fillings. Also delicious steamed salmon and chicken with vegetables and rice, sushi, miso soup, rolls and sashimi are cooked in front of clients. Here is a wide range of classic cocktails and drinks, excellent choice of ground coffee in different variations.

  • Number of people: 100 (ground floor)/40 (2nd floor, International Departure Lounge)
  • Working hours: 24/7 service
  • Average bill - 52 UAH.

"Chao Fourchette" (3rd floor, International Departure Lounge)


Unique bar in the airside, where fresh ground coffee has special flavor and aroma! The café offers quick service of cocktail party dishes, sophisticated service, caring and friendly barmen, very reasonable prices, incredible choice of beverages that competes with duty free variety. 


Caring barmen who are fluent in English will help you to stay your appetite offering hot soup, excellent tiger prawns, pate and fine cheese, salads and profiteroles with smoked salmon; for dessert - tiramisu, Panna Cotta or chocolate and hazelnut mousse.

All the dishes are cooked right before the flight and are made of only natural products.
Of particular note is the cocktail and bar menu: only classic drinks, classic recipes and classic serve is provided. We try to correspond to your status and requirements.

Chao Fourchette_Menu

  • Number of people: 50
  • Working hours: 24/7 service
  • Price: appetizers - from 24 UAH, soups - from 12 UAH, desserts - from 16 UAH.

“Veronica” (ground floor, International Departure Lounge, 3rd floor) 


While waiting for your flight in International Departure Lounge you will enjoy staying in the café “Veronica”. Here you will be offered hot meals (soup, solyanka, grilled vegetables and salmon, paella, lasagna, potato gratin, pizza, etc) also delicious sandwiches, salads and of course sweets from a well-known not only in Ukraine but far beyong confectionery "Veronica" that cater to every taste.

All the sweets of "Veronica" are handmade according to authentic Austrian recipes and are really small works of delicious arts.