The Ukrainian Government designates countries as either red zone or green zone countries depending on COVID-19 case numbers.

Red zone countries are those where the number of new cases of COVID-19 per 100,000 people in the last 14 days exceeds the number of such cases in Ukraine. Find the current list of red zone and green zone countries (the list is updated weekly) on the Ukrainian Ministry of Health website. 

Travelers from red zone countries are subject to self-isolation at a location of their choice or observation in a special medical facility for 14 days. A COVID-19 PCR test can be taken in Ukraine to shorten this 14-day period is the result is negative.

Foreigners coming to Ukraine must have medical insurance that covers all COVID-19 related treatment and observation for the duration of their stay in Ukraine.

The information portal for tourists Visit Ukraine Today has started working in the network. Here you can find current information on 195 countries for those planning a trip to/from Ukraine, namely:

  • temporary entry mode - allowed, forbidden or with certain restrictions;
  • transit crossing mode - conditions, terms;
  • peculiarities in the country - information that is important to know before crossing the border (rules of stay, the need for PCR testing and self-isolation, open checkpoints, etc.);
  • contacts of embassies, consular services and missions of Ukraine in a foreign country.